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4 Reasons You Should See Your Family Physician for an Annual Wellness Exam

Annual physical exam is a preventive routine exam that helps in the diagnosis of potential health problems. Around 92% of people in the US believe that it’s important to see a doctor for regular physical exam. However, only 62% of adults actually go for it.

Annual health checkups are crucial to your well-being. Your doctor can look for the symptoms of potential health problems and suggest ways to treat the problem during the early stages.

Some people visit specialists for annual wellness exams. However, if you already have a family doctor, it’s best to see them for tests. Here’s why:

1.    Build a Strong Relationship with Your Doctor

It’s extremely important you should trust your doctor. This way, you’ll feel more comfortable talking about particular health conditions. Regularly seeing your doctor for physical exams promotes your well-being and builds a relationship between doctor and patients.

Family doctors specialize in routine care for an entire family. You can book an appointment beforehand and visit them with your family members. Some doctors will even provide DOT & CDL exams if you want to apply for a commercial driving license.

2.    Minimize the Risk of Chronic Disease

Family doctors are aware of your medical history. On the basis of your family history, they can evaluate whether you’re at risk of suffering from a chronic disease and look for its symptoms during annual exams. They can also suggest lifestyle changes to mitigate the risk of chronic diseases.

During an annual exam, your doctor will examine your health. Some of the things they will take into consideration are:

  • Cancer screenings

  • Inspecting your body for unusual spots

  • Questions about your lifestyle

  • Checking heart rate

  • Blood pressure tests

  • Teeth and gum health

  • Lung exam

You can also look here as an example of what to expect when you get an exam: https://www.tvfammed.com/annual-wellness-physical-exam/

3.    Reduce Medical Expenses in the Long Run

You can visit a specialist for an annual physical exam, but it’ll cost you more. You may need to see many specialists for your medical needs. However, if you want to cut down on your medical expenses, you should consider seeing a family doctor.

Family doctors have expertise in providing comprehensive health care to people of all ages. They can take care of our family’s health and diagnose diseases in the early stages with the help of an annual wellness exam.

4.    Improve Your Overall Health

Family doctors are trained to take care of the well-being of an entire family. They are aware of age-related health issues and can examine your health through annual physical exams.

During a wellness exam, your doctor will check your vital signs and look for abnormalities in the organs. Annual exams for women also include breast exam and pelvic exam. If you’re likely to develop a chronic disease down the line, your family doctor will suggest a suitable preventive treatment method to help you stay safe and healthy.

Now that you know why it’s important to visit a family doctor for an annual wellness exam, you should book an appointment with a highly rated local healthcare provider.

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